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Giraffes enslavement in commercials.

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Feb 4,2013

Too many companies nowadays completely enslaving the image of the giraffes for their commercial profit. I cannot judge these people, everybody makes money the way they can, but anyway this should be discussed. When it comes to business and commercial, there is no limits today, every method is welcome. Kids involving in commercial is a 100 year tradition for the western marking, good example is the kid eating the bar of chocolate with the mess around his mouth. But what I don’t like when giraffe images used for EVERYTHING which does not have any relation with giraffe. For instance the food. I saw many cafes and bars networks around the world who either uses image of giraffe or simply use “giraffe” purely or in combination in the name of establishment. What is the purpose to do so? Are the selling the meat of giraffes, cooked properly, with the slogan “Giraffes are delicious!”. Their original slogan “Global Food” leads only to these ideas. But again and again I see new business opened which stubbornly link their name, logos and other attributes with giraffes. So shame to and other food entertainments for doing such things.

Global food

Another stupidity  are among the banks and mobile networks operators. For instance Ukrainian I was trying to guess why exactly to call the company with giraffe name, but no reasonable explanation was found. Same for the Russian, maybe due to giraffe is always on height and can easily observe with the better angle view.

But was made me little bit angry is one of the Thai banks – Krungsri bank. What was the reason to use giraffe image ? I’m prostrated.

So in the end I wish to say that people love giraffe. They are so popular that it is possible to embed the image of giraffe in to any service or products, and it attracts people and generate profit. But it would be nice to see not stupid approach and at least to see the link, why the image of giraffe was chosen for particular business.

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  • Kindergarten for giraffes

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    Oct 12,2012

    Mom giraffe and her little giraffe

    It sounds incredible, but Giraffes are so organized animals that they got such thing like kindergartens. Even for humans this invitation is not older than 200 years. The there are lots of interesting facts, that previously were unexplainable, but now it is clear that giraffes, at least those from Kenya and Tanzania (relictus Giraffes), got organized elder specimen mostly females who looks after baby giraffes. As baby giraffes are mostly vulnerable from lions, wolfs and tigers, in case of danger, elder specimen hold round position and can seriously impact on all this predators with their strong long legs, especially by hitting with hoof.

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  • Cute Giraffe Dress Up

    • Filed under: Games
    Oct 29,2010

    Cute Giraffe Dress UpThere's a party in the Savannah and Timmy the Giraffe is happy to try on her spectacular party costumes.

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  • Giraffe Jigsaw Game

    • Filed under: Games
    Oct 29,2010

    Giraffe GameGiraffe Jigsaw Puzzle. 12, 48 and 192 pieces. Can you solve it? Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Style up your room in giraffe’s theme

    • Filed under: Interior
    Oct 29,2010

    Giraffe Room decoration. Giraffe Interior Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Giraffes Halloween costumes

    • Filed under: Fashion
    Oct 29,2010

    Giraffes Halloween costumes Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Apple madness of Giraffe

    • Filed under: Games
    Oct 7,2010

    Not long time ago I found this amazing flash game, so simple and so funny. Here you are, enjoy your apples and keep Giraffe's neck always in right position. Good luck.

    Play >>

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  • How the giraffe got its long neck

    • Filed under: History
    Dec 24,2009

    Did you know?
    Giraffe at a water-hole in Namibia
    What benefit is such a neck?

    For centuries experts have argued over how the giraffe got its long neck.

    Some said it helped the giraffe feed on leaves other animals cannot, while some suggested it evolved as a consequence of giraffes evolving long legs.

    But evidence for such ideas remains flimsy. Now one of the more recent hypotheses has also bitten the dust.

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  • another song about giraffes

    May 27,2009
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  • Photos of Giraffe

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    Jan 16,2009

    [nggallery id=1]

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